Directly from their website it says “The Arc Offers Amenities Above All Others And A Life Beyond Imagining” and I don’t think they are being too bold. 

From a friends apartment I’ve been watching the Arc go up floor by floor, and one day he says “you know they are going to connect those towers, and have a glass bottom pool’.  I instantly had to learn more.. 

The glass bottom pool is just one section of what the Arc is calling “The Sky Spa”.  The spa will include a Sauna room, Steam room with aromatic therapy, Hydropool, Experience Shower, and a Tepidarium (heated room with stone loungers).  

In addition the Sky Spa there will be a state of the art fitness facility dubbed the “Sky Gym”, a grand lounge with catering kitchen called the “Sky Lounge”, and a cappuccino lounge & garden on the second floor. 

Down in the parkade there will be an Automatic Touchless Carwash, mudroom & workshops, an awesome little touch that I think is very forward thinking, EV plugs for all parking stalls. 


The Arc is scheduled for completion in 2019, so if anyone knows anyone who’s got a unit, be sure to let me know. Sky Spa here we come.  

If you're interested in learning more definitely checkout out The ARC site here