Living life in synchronicity sounds pretty cool. And it really is cool when you discover all of the smarthome tech toys that Synchro by Bold is incorporating in their exclusive new development in Mount Pleasant. From wireless climate and lighting control to keyless entry, almost every aspect of your home can be controlled from your smart phone. But it's more than just being able to turn on a light with your phone, it's an entire holistic approach that the development team at Bold has taken. They're setting a new standard for how integrated smart home systems enhance the way you live. For instance, the seamlessly integrated climate control system automatically adjusts temperature and lighting when you are home and when you are away, which increases energy efficiency without any thought. You might also forget to think about locking the door, but that's no problem at all. With controls accessible from anywhere, you can lock your doors and rest assured knowing all is well at home. We're incredibly impressed with their 'human-centred' approach to design and technology that creates a home that works in synchronicity with your lifestyle, just the way it should be.

There's an amazing team of companies that are bringing this project to life. Starting with the developer is Bold Properties, who have developed several quality multi-family projects in Metro Vancouver. They create developments that respect the communities they are located in, while infusing innovative architectural detail to give them distinct identities. Next to the developer are the bright minds of Ankenman Marchand Architects who is an award winning firm that pairs fresh ideas with technical skill to create site-specific architecture that seamlessly relates the interior and exterior realms. And finally, no project that Blu loves would be complete without an incredible interior designer, so that role is impressively filled by Portico Design Group. They are a Vancouver-based full-service interior design firm creating dramatic interiors with a sense of discovery. People become engaged and interactive with the spaces they use daily. With all of these people working together, an impressive 5-storey, 29 residence, 3 retail space, and 1 restaurant space, building will come together in Synchronicity.

Even more exciting than the technology is the location just a couple blocks from our beloved Blu Headquarters. We can't say enough about the vibrant hood where we work and where we call home. Construction will be starting soon at the corner of Broadway and Prince Edward St. and we can't wait to meet our new neighbours. Maybe it will be you, we'd be happy to help you with the housewarming party!

For more information about Synchro, and presales of this development, please get in touch with us here at Blu and we'll be happy to help you become our neighbour!