Plans for the redevelopment of the mall we all know but rarely visit, Oakridge on Cambie and 41st., has been revealed by architectural and urban design firm Henriquez Partners Architects (known for what is now one of Vancouver's landmark building the Woodward’s). The site will see a massive increase in residential, office, green and retail space. The tallest tower proposed is a whopping 45 floors and will no doubt come under criticism from local neighbourhood groups. 

The site will be contructed in 3 phases to minimize interuptions of the neighbourhood. 

Residential plans:

In total thirteen residential buildings (2818 units) are planned for the site.

The buildings range from 6 to 45 floors.

Seven of the thirteen building are considerably tall and two of the towers are slated to be over 40 floors.

There will be quite a few 3 bedroom units available, the largest being 1450 square feet, along with the usual mix of 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom units.

In total 2,697,000 square feet of residential space is proposed for the site.

If completed, the area will be home to approximately 7,000 new residents.

Retail expansion plans for Oakridge Centre’s redevelopment

The retail expansion will see the addition of a new anchor tenant.

Office plans for Oakridge Centre’s redevelopment

The office component will add an approximately 400,000 square feet of office space spread out over three mixed-use (residential and office combined) buildings.

Green Space at Oakridge Centre

Looking at the models for the project you’ll notice a lot of green. Green space will be a significant part of the redevelopment.





Tons of neat features such as the Transit Plaza framed by trees, seating edges and a display of public art canopy that provides weather protection.


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Oakridge Centre redevelopment office space

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