The Salient Group is at it again!

What if I was to tell you that someday you could by a place in Gastown for $210,000 (ahem, plus HST) and it wasn't some dive but a brand new studio apartment on Carrall St., is that something you'd be interested in? I thought I'd throw in a little Bob Ryan on Entourgage for that pitch!  Anyway, that time has come and the development is 21 Doors. 

We are still waiting to find out final pricing and get our hands on floor plans but what we do know is the homes will start at $209,900 most likely for a 400+ SF studio and go up from there.  

This should be a pretty cool building and is going to be great for 1st time buyers wanting to get into the market.  I could see people who are currently renting in Gastown gravitating towards ownership in 21 Doors.  The building will be located at 370 Carrall St. and will have 21 units.  Sales are expected to start Oct. 15th and occupancy is expected for this November!

Now, if this is something you'd be interested in message me so I can forward you more information as I receive it!  I can also set you up with someone to chat about your finances.