As you may have heard, one of the world’s leading design firms has been selected to design a brand, spanking new Vancouver Art Gallery. The architecture team is Swiss, and they go by Herzog & de Meuro. These folks are accomplished, and very clear on their direction: to build a gallery for art that makes Vancouver's downtown look even better. Yes, as beautiful as we are there is always room for improvement. 

HdM is probably best known for designing Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium, but what other ART galleries have these innovators been mucking around with? Here’s one structure we absolutely love.

The Pérez Art Museum

Miami's Pérez Art Museum opened in Dec of 2013, and shocked many by seriously blurring the lines between indoors and out. The three-storey complex also looks as if it’s built on stilts, accommodates 3000 square-metres of galleries, and is stunning - simply stunning.

Obviously we don't have Miami's climate, and our gallery isn't waterfront, but I think we can all agree that a little inspired design is welcome!