It’s not every day a realtor has the opportunity to work closely with his/her besties, but when you do – magic happens! And this is exactly the case with our Jen Friesen and Amanda & Scott. Several month ago these three pals set out to find a funky home for a growing family and – according to Jen “found the perfect place at the perfect time”.

Now this is no small feat when you have buyers who are professional, progressive and uber-stylish. Amanda & Scott both hail from creative clans, and their lifestyle definitely reflects that. Imagine growing up as part of the family who built one of the first drive-in restaurants in the city? Yes, Amanda's kin are behind the historic Blue Owl, which nested at 2nd and Burrard during the 1940s. And Amanda and Scott are continuing to honour that legacy with Pop-Up Shops inspired by their previous work at Blue Owl Home Boutique.


Speaking of nests, these two cuties have been steadily building and nurturing their own. They tied the knot in June of 2013, and are now expecting their first little nugget. As you can see, Amanda is about 5 months along and all three (especially Dad) are beside themselves with excitement!


With the bambino/a countdown on, Jen felt especially driven to find her friends the perfect new place. So, when this John St. gem came up for grabs - the team decided they needed to act fast. The East Van 2 bedroom had such a charming heritage feel, a unique, reverse floor plan and was located on a quiet, residential street. The yard boasted fruit trees, colourful gardens, and even a tire swing for the little one on the way.  




Jen knew this HAD TO BE Amanda, Scott, & TBD's new home,  so she took immediate action. The family was rallied, and within days the parents, the mortgage Broker, the friend Rosa, sister Tiffany, the happy couple and Jen were huddled around the kitchen table. There had been 70 people through the house on the weekend and a few other realtors had threatened offers. Jen - who is not one to dawdle - placed her first offer at 9pm and had an accepted offer position by midnight.  This was followed by big cheers, long embraces and Jen securing a secondary deal to attend all family dinners from this day forward!   

Congrats to Amanda, Scott & TBD. Blu's newest, sweetest HAPPY BUYERS.