With Vancouver’s geography limiting the city’s expansion there are only two ways to go–up, or in between. That’s where laneway housing comes in. According to the city of Vancouver a laneway house is "a small house at the rear of a lot near the lane and includes both a dwelling unit and parking/accessory uses. Essentially it fits in between to regular sized houses.


Density is key to any city’s future. Increasing density creates less urban sprawl, results in a more effective transit system, and increased housing options. It also provides for a more walkable city. Walking is good for you.
Overall, the denser the city the lower the energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. 


The laneway house pictured here is in Vancouver’s Point Grey neighbourhood and features 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. Cozy isn’t it?



Photos Courtesy of Lanefab Design/Build, Photographer Colin Perry